Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I am a yarn hoarder

I know that I have been buying yarn little by little...but I didn't realize how many I have accumulated. Seeing bags and bags of yarn makes me...happy :D 
Literally bagSful of yarn. I didn't really know what colours I have and didn't have so... 

Tadah!! There you have it...my secret stash.. Actually it's not really THAT many right..considering that it's only 4 brands in there, if you consider Daiso yarn as a brand. Those are the first yarn I got my hands on..followed by Crown, then the bamboo cotton one from spotlight and last to join my pile was Sirdar snuggly. 
And more here..courtesy of my mum. I always pester her to buy yarn for me. 

Hope to add on more from other brands..like red heart...or lion brand..Caron etc 

Think I better clear out my toyogo box to store all these in a proper place before they get mouldy. Haha

I know what I want for Christmas, new year and my birthday! Yarn yarn and more yarn! Hooks hooks and more hooks! 

Actually I fell in love with a hook case..but I can't seem to find it on its own. 
So pretty right.. It's by clover..and it comes with the hooks that I probably will have duplicated coz I've already ordered the clover armour. :(
Maybe IF I don't like the clover armour, I'll consider getting this!! Hahaha

There..wish list for the new year :)

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