Saturday, December 28, 2013

Elsie Department Store visit and new baby sandals in progress!

Today I finally managed to visit a "proper" store that sells yarn.. According to prettylittlethingsinabox, they are one of the long surviving Craft shop in the North of Singapore which sells yarns and needle work items.

To be honest, I was rather disappointed with the selection of yarn there. Perhaps it was because the bulk of the yarn I saw was Crown brand. I already have quite a number of crown brand yarn. 

I asked if they have any yarn that is suitable for making baby items and the uncle showed one a brand called GEMS. 

I tried to Google it's origin but can't seem to find it. 

I didn't quite like the colours that were available so I just picked 3 of the one I thought were nicest. 

Although there weren't a lot of yarn, I managed to find lots of buttons!! Buttons and eyes.. But eyes not very nice also. Baaaaah.. 

Check out my collection of buttons and eyes! (Including the ones from Daiso)

Hope to use them soon!

I'm currently working on this pattern here 

Just completed the soles after 2 days -_-

Need more time!! More me-time!! 
I foresee busier days ahead >.<

Till then.. Counting down to a brand new year ahead! I'm starting to mentally note down the TO-DO list of projects that I wana complete for the new year :) 

And also...waiting patiently for the arrival of my parcel!!! Wheeeeee..

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