Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finally finished the tissue paper case for my sister

Wow.. It took me so long to finish 21 rows of single crochet man! Considering that I actually did about 8 rows...and had to dismantle all 7 rows because I didn't end the row correctly and was losing a stitch each time I turn! Duhhhhh..... That's how weak my fundamentals are! Arrrgghhh... So finally, it is done! See the progress below...

It does look abit lopsided don't u think? 

Here are the measurements....

 Testing to see if it's big enough to enclose the tissue paper. Phew... Actually, it's a little too big :( 

And the sides...oh man..took me awhile to figure out how to do the edging! Boo...

And after sewing the edges together, it seems...abit loose.. So.... I've included a small button just to hold it down. 

And there u have it... My first ugly tissue paper case :P 

Will have a go at it again some time later.. After I finish a molang maybe :D

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