Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yarn that I've received from the parcels so far

I'm really amazed how they can still make money by sending it one or two in a separate parcel. Haha

So exciting to wait for parcels! Am really looking forward to the bulk that is coming in next few weeks..including the clover soft touch 5.5mm hook :) and the chibi needle case. Now I'm just really lacking the crochet hook case. 

I saw the colourful clover getaway case and it looks really tough to touch and the holes for the hooks seems small and I didn't feel like getting one for the sake of getting.

Frankly..if I had a sewing machine..I might make one myself! Not that tough ba I think.

Anyway, there's lots of yarn on sale right The good and bad news is, they don't ship to it's good coz I think my house would be exploding yarn. The bad news is, I'm going to find one day to explore the 3rd party shipping services. Hahaha but before that happens, I got to make space for all the yarn that is coming in! About 40 skeins! Wahhahahahhhaah I hope they deliver it when my hub and mil are not around! Hahahaha I think they will faint! It doesn't cost a lot...just takes up a lot of space.. And... A poster comes to mind..

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