Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birthday present for my sis

After going back and forth on the design for the plain bag, I finally decided on flowers! 

I had showed Yan a page from the book Amigurumi Two! by Ana Paula Rimoli. 

Did I mention? I went to the library earlier this month to borrow some crochet books. Boy was I excited! I was searching through the online library catalog to see what books they had..typing in keywords like crochet and Amigurumi etc and since Sengkang library was the nearest, I quickly jotted down which ones they had and sprinted off to get them. (Literally sprinted coz I sent Melody to play group and I only had about an hour+ to and fro before her class ended)

Here are the books I borrowed!

Oh yes back to the birthday present.. Haha very bad habit of side tracking. 

My sis and I were at muji picking out my hubby's birthday present when we came across a shelf of plain tote bags. I was sharing with her that some ppl do felting onto these kind of bags and it was quite nice. Unfortunately i told her I don't have the tools nor the skills to do it. BUT, if she wants, I can crochet something onto it. So yep, she bought the bag and I had roughly under 2 weeks to get it done. 

I was showing her a page that has cute amigurumi flowers vs a granny square sample that I had done for "crochet granny swap" group (that's another big 'international' project altogether) and she chose the cute amigurumi flowers. 

I can see why. Haha

So I started making one flower. 

Halfway through I realized i won't be able to attach the flower as it was round. So I decided to stop at the semi circle. 

Too me many days just to finish this flower... 

And I didn't have time. So I was trying to decide how to design the bag! 

M for Melissa? Haha

Not so nice..and how am I going to make the yarn stick? 

I deliberated and finally decided to make flowers.. Initially I wanted to make a sunflower.. So I started searching for a pattern..came across a few other flowers except the sunflower. No choice, I started making some flowers first. 

And finally I just googled for crocheted sunflower images and decided to make my own without a pattern! 

Not too bad right? 

One more flower and I decided it should be enough. 

I asked my hubby to help with the layout.. And there, finally finished!

So what actually happened to that flower/sun (I couldn't decide) in the end?

I decided to make another semi-sphere and turn it into a tag/keychain. 

A bag with 8 different flowers..

Quite cute ha?

I hope she likes her present :)

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