Thursday, January 23, 2014

Journey to THE Golden Dragon storesc

Finally..the day has come that I make the "voyage to the holy land" hahaha. 

Once again, accompanied by my little companion. 
So adorable don't you think? :D

The journey was pretty quick and I had played back in my mind how the path to that shop should roughly be like.  Exit D Chinatown! And I recalled the shop is at the other end of the People's Park Centre. Time wasn't on my I was literally brisk walking with extreme caution :)

Lo and behold 

The moment I stepped in, I got distracted by the shelves of yarn on my left..and the cabinets of crochet hooks and cases! 

I saw THAT crochet case that I love!! And they are selling it at $90+ O_O!!
Too bad, it doesn't come without the hooks... Baaaaaah. Maybe one day when I'm feeling rich I may buy that. Hah!

I went to search for safety eyes first. Darted around the rows of craft materials and I only saw a lone low turning cabinet and there weren't many to choose from :( how disappointing. 

There's a section of jewellry related beads that I didn't time! Hah

Look at all that yarn.... 

I couldn't wipe the grin off my face I guess. I was moving from colour to colour..touching and caressing skein after skein of yarn. 

There's a lot of brands that I've not seen before. I only had the Sirdar brand before. Even so, there is a whole range of sirdar there. There's a lot of expensive yarn as well..some cashmier silk content. Costs about $9-12. Sirdar DK costs roughly the same as the one at Tampines shop..$5.30 or $5.40

Finally I couldn't take it..I asked the shop assistant to take a picture of me with the yarn. Hahaha 

And after pacing back and forth, I finally approached one of the staff to ask about knitting. She says they give free lessons if the customer buys more than $40 of yarn. I almost let out a small laugh..That's like..easy peasy. Haha I had to pick out an item that I want to knit before they can suggest what yarn to purchase. 

I chose from a clear folder with lots of designs of scarves, baby cardigans and booties and hats. She said maybe a scarf or blanket would be better for beginners. 

I picked out one with heart shapes. Not that easy I believe. Haaa 
She suggested the cashmier yarn..which costs $9+ a skein for 50g. And I needed 10 of those?! Mad. Too expensive for me although the yarn is really soft to touch. 

Finally, it is the pink/white blended sirdar DK. I took about 6 of those. 
And an aero circular knitting needle size 4. And some other coloured sirdar yarn.. Total damage..$70! Told you it was easy peasy to hit $40 -_- 

After paying up, I went back to the lady and she said I could come another day since I had the baby with me. I said WHAT? No..I'm learning this about 30-45mins I got to go! I asked if it's possible Hahaha she said it depends on individual's learning speed. I can do this! Haha 

So she started.. The slip knot is the same as crochet. Done. And what happens next was like OH MAN... To make things worst..she was conversing in mandarin coz she's a china national I believe. 
起针 上针 下针  oh gosh... First one, I has to poke thru the middle, yarn over hook, bring needle down, and pull through. Lol it's damn tough I feel. The needles just wouldn't listen to me. Argh... So I had to continue for at least 20 loops or so. I told her I didn't have that much time.. So we did about 10-15. 
Then the 上针 was to poke thru towards the left, yarn over.. Bring needle down and pull out. Haha 

There's a pearl and knit..which coincides with the up and down stitches. And the yarn has to be anti clockwise. 

And the alternating stitches..If changing stitch to up, I got to bring the yarn on top of the yarn and if it's down stitch, the yarn got to be down. 

So there u have first encounter with knitting! 
I just love the knitting stitches.. 

And times up..I ran off to spotlight which is 2 stations away to get eyes! I need eyes!! 

Reached there, I passed by the yarn section with much regret. Hahaha only managed to grab one patons Cotton blend, which was recommended by a crocheter. 

The safety eyes section was disappointing as well! Why oh why.. They don't even have full black eyes :( :( so I just grabbed a packet of mixed colour and amber colour. on the other hand, they had the pellet weights! There's no price tag there. So I just grabbed 2 packs. No time to see ribbons as well :( 

Time was running out. And my little companion was starting to get hungry..she's munching her fingers haha

So I scooted off in hope of coming back later in the week. 

My golden dragon loot. 

My spotlight loot. 

So I scooted off in hope of coming back later in the week. 

Oh I didn't mention..I saw one interesting coloured yarn and loved it. Had to add that to my stash

Will update again with what I've done with all that yarn. Lol

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