Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yarn hoarding obsession continues intensive post below. 

Did I mention that I made a trip down to spotlight? Gosh I was so happy to see yarn :D 

And there were lots of other stuff like ribbons.. Gosh.. All so pretty. 

Too bad I had a curfew and effectively only had an hour to zoom from shelf to shelf.

So there were brands like Paton.. Vera moda.. Panda? Passioknit.. And many others that I've not seen before. 

But why no lion heart? 
:(  after zooming thru a few rows of shelves, I couldn't find a single yarn which says "worsted" weight. Why oh why.. 

So I just zoomed to the area which is having good discounts. 

Wish I could include all the photos here. Just too many in my phone. Argh. 

The one and only ARAN I saw. Supposedly equivalent to worsted. 

 More expensive yarn. 

Didn't quite take a liking towards the frilly yarns so I didn't take a picture of them. Hah. 

The discount shelf.. 

The pretty ribbons that I so wanted to buy but didn't :(

I didn't manage to see this ^ 

Oh yea I just dart from row to row trying I find some worsted yarn...but nope. None. In the end, I had to go coz it was time to feed baby Melissa. Oh did I mention I had a cute cuddly companion with me? 
Hehe yea so times up.. I just grabbed SOME yarn.. Haha some that I could see myself a bag..or maybe 2 bags... 

So here's my stash.. Bought some ribbons as well for the baby booties in future. Haha

I kinda love the 12-ply the most. 

Clear favourtism.. Coz I decided to make something immediately that night. Hahah 

And more the following days..

And finally... 

After many days of no naps... 

My first crochet bag!! 
The design was adapted from bobwilson123's cluster stitch design..except that mine had a bigger base, is deeper and has a longer handle :D nonetheless, thank you bobwilson123 for the fantastic design!

I'm loving the 12-ply so much, I got my mum to buy more...again! Haha I almost finished using the whole ball for that, yep, I requested for the same one as well! Haha

And some eyes and ready made ribbons 

Till then.. Happy hooking! 

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  1. Hi,
    That's a very pretty rainbow yarn. Hope you are still crocheting. :)