Thursday, January 23, 2014

Work in progress part 2

After buying the eyes..I was really excited to see how it will look on the head. 

And sad to say...the workmanship of the eye washer was B A D.. horrible and terrible. It wasn't safe at all! Duhhhh in fact the washer was so loose it couldn't even hold the tail of the eye. Lousy!

So I had my quick witted thinking caps on...and decided to use felt to buffer the hole. ie..put a layer between the eye and the washer. I had a hard time poking it through but...IT WORKED! I heard a snap sound and the eyes are locked tightly in place. 

I stuffed and stuffed the head... Gosh I didn't know to make it firm, I needed THAT much filling. Haa

And so... There you have it.. 

With it's body..

And to show how small it is..
This bunny is from the amigurumi two! book by Ana Paula Rimoli. Love her work! The sunflower for my sis is also from that book. 

Hope to finish this bunny soon. In the mean time I got to rush out the granny squares for the swap! Way behind time man...I wonder if any square is on it's way to me already :) 

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