Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's the final yarn countdown

Finally after waiting patiently for all the parcels to arrive.. Here's a round up of all the yarn received..

I love yarn ^________^ 

The Caron simply soft is REALLY soft :) 
Bernat's softee baby is also soft. Loving it! 

And the "still-wrong" order parcel 
I don't know why they can't send the vanna's choice BABY that I've ordered.. Keeps sending the same vanna's choice. Oh well... 

I think the ones that I didn't quite like was the kitchen cotton...coz the skein was really small for that few cents difference with the bigger skeins. The texture was also very KITCHEN-like. Hah!

Also, I noticed some red heart super savers had different textures..the mix colours vs the solid colours.. Different!

Even the vanna's choice had different lengths for mix colours vs solids.. 

All in all, quite pleased with the first purchase! I'm hoping to pick up some more colours..and better prices.. And hopefully more brands.. I'm eyeing some patons, lily sugar n cream, i love this yarn (yes there's such a brand haha) and maybe some more bernat Caron and red heart. And maybe..haha I think there's no end to my yarn hoarding.. find projects for these yarn! Hahahaha is the equation reversed? 
By right, New projects = buy new yarn 
Mine's buy new yarn = find new projects


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