Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby booties round up

Finally finished 2 pairs of the Galilee baby in blue for newborn and the other in pink for 3-6 months. 


The blue pair....took me a long time to complete..coz I finished one side, and end up making the other side bigger..and it wasn't due to the tightness of my stitches! 
Imagine my horror after I finished off the last slip stitch. 

I thought I had read off the wrong pattern. Perhaps I accidentally scrolled to the 3-6 months portion halfway through the project. But doesn't seem like it. 

Then, I checked the soles....

Baaaaaah! It was wrong from the start! Looks like I have accidentally stitched the double crochet instead of the half double towards the end of the sole. Booo.. 

So I did what I do best...

And just for the record, I took down the length of yarn for each colour. Lol 
It excess of 
960cm of colour A (brown)
562cm of colour B (dark blue)
370cm of colour C (light blue)


And just to round up the booties that I have successfully completed...

To be frank, I think the Sirdar DK yarn is much much softer compared to the Vanna's Choice yarn. But the shape of the bootie looks nicer with the worsted weight. Oh well..can't have best of both worlds..can we? Maybe I should try to make a bootie with the "I love this cotton" yarn when it comes! 

In the meantime, more pictures! Haha

I can't decide how to place them..

Still a lot of room for improvement with regards to the colour change technique. 

The last stitch always seem to show. I've sent a pm to the designer of this bootie..hope she will respond with some tips! :) 

Btw, you can find the pattern for this bootie here:

Till then, happy hooking!

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