Saturday, February 1, 2014

Grannies round up!

As I had mentioned previously, I joined a fb group that was doing this granny swap. It's really interesting.. Where ppl all over the world, although mostly in US, will be self-allocated into groups according to international traditional / creative or national traditional / creative (national being United States) 

I belong to international and I chose creative, which is anything other than the traditional granny. 

It's really a commitment as I didn't have the right yarn initially..(hence the big yarn spree) and I had to complete like 17 squares to be mailed out by 14 feb. Technically, I have a shorter timeline as it takes time for my mail to reach the other side of the globe. And thankfully, I had a very nice lady name Pat who volunteered to help me by waiting for my squares before she mail hers out! I'm really grateful for that as the cost is going to be really high on my end! 

Also..thanks to her, I was able to complete my squares pretty quickly because of the pattern she shared with me! Boy was I taking a long time trying to find as many patterns as possible to make all different 17 squares. Madness! 

Here are some of those I made earlier..
Not to mention, not the right size! Duh.... We had to make 6 inch squares... And I was always missing it by half or 3/4 inches! Grrrr 

One of my favourites..but wrong measurement..

A silly square that I tried to shortchange on the petals...end up it just refuse to stay I dismantled it. 
And used the green one for the other pattern. 

This is the pattern that pat shared! 

From this book..
I may get this book too! Haha

And finally... I was done!!

4 inches in height when stacked together!

Missed out the preenked one in this picture.

Anyway, hopefully im able mail them out to Pat in Pittsburgh next week! 

I received my first square from a lady in IRELAND!

It's really more exciting than I thought! Haha looking forward to receiving more squares... 

And I'll be dedicating one post to the receivers of my squares coz we were suppose to include the pattern in the mail. But I thought I shouldn't trouble Pat further... So, I'll direct them to this blog with the pattern n note to them :) 

Till then, happy CNY celebrations!! 

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