Monday, February 3, 2014

Work in progress done! My first rabbit amigurumi!

After days of full devotion to the granny squares, I finally picked up the rabbit amigurumi again..

I've sewn 2 limbs.. Left with the ears and 2 more limbs. 

The ears were challenging to me coz I had to learn a new way of doing half double crochet. ie.. to insert hook into the bump of the chain, instead of the usual front or back or both loops. It's very interesting to note that it makes the stitches closer together and somewhat firmer. I must try that out on the soles for baby booties! 

I also had to sew the felt onto the ears..another first for me. 

After an hour or so, I finally finished all the parts! 

It does look funny when placed like that. Haha 

Oh and another first, I used the pellets to add weight to the body so that the rabbit can sit upright. Initially I wanted to use panty hose as recommended by some websites..but I didn't manage to buy from Daiso the last time. Thankfully I just bought some burp cloths and it came in a meshy kind of wrap. I fold it over twice and sew the edges together. 

It's very challenging to sew the parts! Really! I think that's the most tedious part for me. Hahaha I don't quite know where to insert the needle and where to pull it out..especially the body and head..there wasn't much room for me to poke at all. 

After a tiring half hour or so, it's done!!! 

It does look quite different from the original pattern...hmm... 

Maybe it's the eyes and limbs..

More poses..

And one with my little girl..

Not too friendly to the rabbit as she is trying to force it through that small hole. Haha

Overall, quite a fun experience. 

Next work in progress to complete is the koala bear :) 

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