Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crochet granny swap potholders project

Despite a very busy 2 months, I was determined to take part in the swap again. It was too fun not to! 

This round, we were divided into smaller groups of 3s and at max, each person can only join 2 groups if I'm not wrong. 

My teammates were Jamie Anderson from US and Jo Nicolls from Canada! 

I was faced with a lot of challenges for this potholder, partly coz I didn't get the most friendly pattern to do. 

I had to frog it twice just to make the size of the 2 circles fit. 

And due to time constrain, I had to use double yarn for this piece instead of double layers. I tried and it works...but still, so sorry Jo... 

So here are the back and front views. 

Quite ashamed.. Coz I saw from the group posts of other pot holders... It's really really nice. Mine is really quite badly done compared to theirs..

And..I still owe them the recipe!! 

Will have to work on that soon!! 

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