Friday, May 16, 2014

Crochet sushi

I had a dear friend who loved sashimi and sushi as much, if not more than me. Was cracking my head over what to get for her on her birthday. 

Finally, I asked someone closest to her, her hubby, for some clues as to which sushi she loved. Turns out, she liked Chutoro Tuna, uni (sea urchin) and scallop sushi. 

So I was on a quest to look for the pattern. I even posted on fb groups to request for it but to no avail. 

No choice I decided to rely on my imagination. Haha

I googled the actual stuff to aid me along the way. 

So here it is! 

Chutoro sushi

Uni sushi

Scallop sushi

And I saw a pattern for a very cute rice ball so I decided to make one too. 

Group shot

It's a little childish but I hope she likes it. 

Perhaps when I have time I should write up the uni sushi pattern. :D

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